ECHO calibrator drone mapping run over LWA Sevilleta visible on LWA TV.

HERA Construction (From Space)

HERA Buildout

HERA construction photos. 

Compare then and now, courtesy Planet

Reionization in 3D!

Here are some renderings of 21cm simulations with different views of the evolution of primordial hydrogen in the early universe (at about 500My after the big bang).

combined UV, 21cm rendering

21cm cube flythrough

3D flythrough. You’ll need red blue glasses.

Short Credit: Danny Jacobs and Reid Landeen

The movies are made by using output from a reionization simulation (21cmfast) and then rendered in Blender. Rendering heavy lifting was done by SESE Visualization Specialist Reid Landeen with help from the Marston Theater team Jacob Burba, Tyler Cox, Cameron White and MET director Ric Ailling.

NRAO 140ft dish construction (the good bits)

The construction of the NRAO 140ft dish was a truly awesome feat of scientific engineering. A documentary was made. Heres a cut down to the good parts. The full thing is here.

Data as sound

PAPER data as sound.  For the afficionados we are playing a each baseline’s raveled out waterfall spectrum. The tones you here are bright sources which have a sinusoidal fringe spectrum; your ear is doing a delay transform!

Foreground maps

Observations of the 21cm background are challenging because of the brightness of our own galaxy and other nearby galaxies.  Here is a rendering of what the 100MHz sky looks like in galactic coordinates.

Caveat for experts: This map is constructed by taking the GSM and adding point sources as 0.5d gaussians. The diffuse map is in temperature units and the point sources are in Jy/beam, they are not on the same scale. A relative scale was applied, searching around until a value was found that found a visually compelling balance. The raw healpix model is here

Raw Healpix model

Source material: de Oliviera-Costa Global sky model, NVSS dec>0, SUMSS dec<0