MHz Astronomy Development Lab.

The focus at the lab is on low frequency radio astronomy, primarily on application to 21cm cosmology but with a broad interest in whatever else can be done with such instruments. We also support space projects, including the cubesats SPARCS, Phoenix, the ASU Tracking station and the  ASU Interplanetary Initiative “Space Maker Space” (currently under construction).

  • MAD Lab summer 2018. TL: Katherine Elder, Karishma Albal, Edgar Escalante, Shane Bechtel, Lily Whitler, David Lewis.  BL: Danny Jacobs, Matt Kolopanis, Tyler Cox, Sean Morgan, Jean Donet, Adam Beardsley
  • Ddemonstrating a programmable radio receiver.
  • Karishma Albal leads a discussion during MAD Lab summer 2018

ASU Partners:

Low frequency Cosmology lab – Judd Bowman

Dynamos Group – Evgenya Shloknik

Present Members:

  • Adam Beardsley – Postdoc
  • Matt Kolopanis – Postdoc
  • Steven Murray – Postdoc
  • Bharat Gehlot – Postdoc
  • Mrudula Gopalkrishna – Grad student
  • Lindsey Berkhout – Grad student
  • Tyler Cox – ASU Undergraduate
  • David Lewis – ASU Undergraduate
  • Edgar Escalante – ASU Undergraduate
  • Mickey Horn – ASU Undergraduate


  • Katherine Elder – HERA Summer Intern
  • Jean Donet – HERA Summer Intern
  • Sean Morgan – HERA Summer Intern
  • David Nelson – ASU Undergraduate,
  • Jacob Burba – currently graduate student at Brown
  • Michael Busch – currently graduate student at Johns Hopkins
  • Karishma Albal – ASU Summer Intern
  • Lauren Turner – ASU Undergraduate

Current Projects:

Sponsored Student Projects

Phoenix Cubesat

ASU Tracking Station