SESE Journal Club

Astro Journal Club 2019!
Astro Journal club 2018

Spring 2019 @ PSF 226

01/08Planning meeting
01/14Edward Buie II
Aishwarya Iyer
Tyler Richey-Yowell
Proposal submission tips&Guidlines
01/22Writing proposals mainly NESSF
01/29Feedback on the prosposal drafts
Justin HomOrigin of a massive hyper-runaway subgiant star LAMOST-HVS1 – implication from Gaia and follow-up spectroscopy
Aishwarya IyerMass-loss rates for transiting exoplanets
02/19Tyler McCabeQuasar Sightline and Galaxy Evolution (QSAGE) Survey – I. The Galaxy Environment of O vi Absorbers up to z = 1.4 around PKS 0232-04
J’Neil CottleFilament formation in wind-cloud interactions. I. Spherical clouds in uniform magnetic fields
Edward Buie IIDeep and narrow CO absorption revealing molecular clouds in the Hydra-A brightest cluster galaxy
02/26Chris DupuisThe Radio Sky at Meter Wavelengths: m-mode Analysis Imaging with the OVRO-LWA
03/21Mansi Padave,;
Tyler Richey-YowellStellar acoustics as input for music composition
03/19Edward Buie II, The COS-Halos Survey: Metallicities in the Low-redshift Circumgalactic Medium
Joe ZaleskyRetrieving Temperatures and Abundances of Exoplanet Atmospheres with High-Resolution Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy
03/26Wanda FengResearch Experience at CFA
04/09Tyler Richey-Yowell and Justin HomQuals prep
04/16Nivedita MaheshPaper I: The Shadow of the Supermassive Black Hole
04/22Adam BeardsleyPaper II: Array and Instrumentation

Fall 2018 @ ISTB4

9/19/2018Edward Buie II Modeling Photoionized Turbulent Material in the Circumgalactic Medium (Buie et al. 2018)
9/26/2018Tyler McCabeHigh-Ionization Quasar Absorption Lines: A Test of the Existence of Hot Gas in Spiral-Rich Groups (Mulchaey et al. 1996)
10/03/2018J’Neil CottleColumn Density Profiles of Cold Clouds Driven by Galactic Outflows (Cottle et al. 2018)
10/10/2018Joe ZaleskyA Uniform Retrieval Analysis of Ultracool Dwarfs. III. Properties of Y-Dwarfs (Zalesky et al. 2018 in prep)
10/17/2018Aishwarya Iyer
10/24/2018Aishwarya IyerInsights on the Spectral Signatures of Stellar Activity and Planets from PCA (Davis et al. 2017)
10/31/2018Jonathan HohOwn research on Spectrometer for Small Cubesat missions
11/7/2018Tyler Richey-YowellOwn Research
11/14/2018Justin HomWork on my paper so far
12/06Happy HourZ tap Pizza room

Spring 2018 @ ISTB4 692

1/30Johnathan HohAnalysis of Water Line Profiles in Star Formation…(M.L.N. Ashby et al.)
2/6Edward Buie IIGaseous “Halos” and High Redshift Galaxies (Steidel et al. 1998)
2/13Lucia PerezFirst Spectroscopic Confirmation of z ~ 7.0… (Hu et al. 2017)
2/20Wanda FengOn Presolar Stardust Grains From CO Classical Novae (Iliadis et al. 2018)
2/27Duho KimThe Interstellar Dust Properties of Nearby Galaxies (Galliano et al. 2017)
3/6Spring Break
3/13Exam (1st-2nd years)
3/20Joe ZaleskyA Precise Water Abundance Measurement for the Hot Jupiter Wasp-43b (Kreidberg et al. 2014)
3/27Aishwarya IyerThe Transit Light Source Effect: False Spectral Features and Incorrect Densities for M-Dwarf (Rackham et al. 2018)
4/3Nivedita MaheshAn absorption profile centered at 78 MHz in the sky-averaged Spectrum