The singing sky deeps

Radio astronomers! Listen to your data! Enlist a new neural network to find new meaning. Or at least make something interesting. PAPER data sounded like a mid-century modern apocalypse computer thinking manicly out loud. HERA data sounds even weirder. The sounds you hear are the cross correlations between HERA antennas at 117MHz. The signal is […]

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Interplanetary Dude

Who owns the Moon? You stand in a temple on Vesta, in what direction is Mecca? Space technology can be used to launch intercontinental missiles and is therefor embargoed by all space-faring nations. Must everyone else invent it for themselves? How warped are people going to be out there? Really? Such are the imponderables to

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DIY 21cm

Observe the galactic 21cm hydrogen line yourself! Its easier than it ever was! You need a horn, some filters, an amplifier, and a software defined radio (SDR). The CHART* project puts students in the drivers seat to design and build. They have a quite nice design for a cardboard horn that does not require a

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CHAMP Radio Astronomy Bootcamp

The HERA-CAMPARE Astronomy Minority Partnership is a summer research program where California college students come do research at US HERA partner institutions. As part of this program we have a summer bootcamp to get everyone up to speed. This inaugural year was held at Cal-Poly Pomona home of the CHAMP program organizers. The curriculum with

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New Job!

Starting this August I will be an Assistant Professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration here at ASU! In my new role I will continue to do research in the LoCo Low frequency Cosmology group but also help the department continue to expand its cubesat and smallsat activities. In the near term this

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