PAPER 2012 Deployment

During this trip we moved another 32 antenna into the grid configuration. This array will be left running over the (southern) Summer until sometime in mid 2013. This should be enough data to make the most sensitive EoR measurement yet! Also: I got to be co-pilot in an airplane! [alpine-phototile-for-picasa-and-google-plus src=”user_album” uid=”109170256040963038320″ ualb=”5856444057462896289″ imgl=”picasa” dl=”1″ …

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Publication: The PAPER power spectrum method

Title: “A Per-baseline, Delay-spectrum Technique for Accessing the 21 cm Cosmic Reionization Signature” This paper explains the PAPER method for measuring the EoR power spectrum. While some experiments plan on subtracting foregrounds, PAPER will stick to uncontaminated regions of power spectrum space. Narrow field simulations had previously expected this region to have little dependence on …

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Publication: PAPER configuration and sensitivity

Title: A Sensitivity and Array-configuration Study for Measuring the Power Spectrum of 21 cm Emission from Reionization PAPER will soon be performing long integrations to the power spectrum of high redshift Hydrogen.  What is the best configuration?  In the process of answering this question we also carefully (re) derive the relationship between the output of an …

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E1P Pictures

As a follow up to the E1P launch, here is a small album of images from my time at the Montana State Small Sat Lab .   [alpine-phototile-for-picasa-and-google-plus src=”user_album” uid=”109170256040963038320″ ualb=”5843006019844642897″ imgl=”picasa” dl=”1″ dltext=”CompleteAlbum” style=”wall” row=”7″ num=”58″ size=”220″ curve=”1″ align=”left” max=”100″]

My Doctoral Thesis

Here is a link to my PAPER thesis for posterity.  It included a catalog, as well as studies of calibration stability and noise properties. I included a lot of extra information about the 32 antenna catalog that was cut from the original letter.  Then, looking at 12 nights of data I found that despite high …

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PAPER 2010 Deployment

Onward to 32! This month we added another shipment of 16 antenna to bring PAPER to 32 antennae.  The arrangement of the antennae on the ground is very close to random, making geography tricky!  I spent a good amount of time out there with the GPS pole and pack, marking out locations of antennae.  We …

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