CHAMP Radio Astronomy Bootcamp

The HERA-CAMPARE Astronomy Minority Partnership is a summer research program where California college students come do research at US HERA partner institutions. As part of this program we have a summer bootcamp to get everyone up to speed. This inaugural year was held at Cal-Poly Pomona home of the CHAMP program organizers. The curriculum with …

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Cosmic Dawn in Science Magazine

Check out this article in Science magazine on Epoch of Reionization observations that really hits some interesting points not often covered in the media like the origin story of the MWA and LOFAR and the race to make a detection. Intrepid reporter Daniel Clery extracted some great quotes from the various PIs but my favorite is from Saleem Zaroubi: To …

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My first Gala

ASU undergrad and AZ Space Grant intern Michael Busch has been stopping by my office this semester, helping me look at MWA cosmology data and learning about radio astronomy. Turns out he’s a Pillar of the Community! Among other things he’s a Residential Assistant, responsible for a passel of undergrads in the newly refurbished Manzanita …

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Nice PAPER image of Centaurus A

A nice composite of Centaurus A (as imaged by PAPER) and the moon to scale. Almost ten times the size of the moon, it really is a remarkable sight. Or would be if we could only see in the radio. For more, see Stefan et al.

Publication: The precision and accuracy of early Epoch of Reionization foreground models

Title: The precision and accuracy of early Epoch of Reionization foreground models: comparing MWA and PAPER 32-antenna source catalogs This paper compares the fluxes in the first PAPER and MWA catalogs.  These sources are the brightest foregrounds in front of the EoR HI emission.  Various estimates suggest that we have to subtract these guys to anywhere …

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PAPER 2012 Deployment

During this trip we moved another 32 antenna into the grid configuration. This array will be left running over the (southern) Summer until sometime in mid 2013. This should be enough data to make the most sensitive EoR measurement yet! Also: I got to be co-pilot in an airplane! [alpine-phototile-for-picasa-and-google-plus src=”user_album” uid=”109170256040963038320″ ualb=”5856444057462896289″ imgl=”picasa” dl=”1″ …

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The sound of PAPER

Today I needed a distraction so I transcoded some PAPER data into sound. It sounds really weird! Cross-posted at asuexplorers.sese.edu