Current ASU Team

Mrudula Gopalkrishna – Grad student
Mickey Horn – Staff Engineer (ASU 2019)
Shanika Davis – ASU EE Major

David Lewis – Staff Software Engineer (ASU 2019)

ECHO Students
The project is staffed by undergraduates and graduate students who are learning electronics and field experiments in a rapidly growing field of astronomy. ECHO team members have come from electrical engineering, aerospace, physics, astronomy, and space systems design. Students have tested, designed, and built the transmitter payload and integrated it into the drone as a functional subsystem. Students do lab work, software development and travel to telescope sites for mapping campaigns.

Testing at LWA Sevilleta Station 2019, Mickey Horn, Mrudula Gopalkrishna, Shanika Davis
Testing in Green Bank May 2015 Ben Sinnett, Danny Jacobs, Abraham Neben, Lauren Turner, Jacob Burba

Current Team
Shanika Davis – EE Undergrad
Mickey Horn – Staff (ASU Grad 2019)
Mrudula Gopalkrishna – SESE Graduate Student
David Lewis – Staff (ASU Grad 2019)
Lauren Turner – Graduated 2019
Michael Horn – ASU SESE – ECHO (Space Grant Fellow)
Jacob Burba – ASU Physics 2016 – Now at Brown for Physics PhD
Michael Busch – Graduated ASU, SESE – Now at Johns-Hopkins for Astronomy PhD
Ben Stinnett – Graduated ASU SESE*, now at Lyft Inc.
Jay Allison – Graduated, ASU SESE 2015 – Currently at Raytheon
Mason Denney – Graduated, ASU SESE 2016
David Nelson – SESE – 1991-2014
Victoria Serrano – Graduated ASU Master’s in Electrical Engineering, 2016
Jose Chavez – Graduated 2015, ASU Physics, now at Intel
Marc Leatham – Graduated 2017, ASU SESE
Victoria Serrano – Engineering Masters, now a lecturer at Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá