Space Projects

  • SPARCS – SPARCS is a 6U UV space telescope mission to measure the UV flare environment of M-dwarf stars. 
  • Phoenix – A student education project funded by the NASA USIP program, Phoenix was a 3U cubesat with the goal of imaging US cities in thermal infrared. Deployed from ISS Jan 2020. Currently contactable but not fully functional.
  • Interplanetary Initiative Lab – Sort of like a maker space for space hardware.  Grand opening, Jan 2020
  • ASU Student Ground station – Two stations on Tempe campus. 3m dish with S-band feed (currently inoperatative, awaiting move), yagi rotor station built for Phoenix (active and operational)
  • DORA – Deployable Optical Receiver Aperture, A cubesat test of a widefield laser comms terminal. 1Gbps communication without large telescopes or precision pointing.