MHz Astronomy Development Lab.

The focus at the MAD lab is on low frequency radio astronomy, primarily on application to 21cm cosmology but with a broad interest in whatever else can be done with such instruments.

ASU Partners:

Low frequency Cosmology lab – Judd Bowman

Dynamos Group – Evgenya Shloknik

Present Members:

  • Adam Beardsley – Postdoc
  • Matt Kolopanis – ASU PhD 2018 – Currently MAD Postdoc
  • Tyler Cox – ASU Undergraduate
  • David Lewis – ASU Undergraduate
  • Edgar Escalante – ASU Undergraduate
  • Mickey Horn – ASU Undergraduate
  • Karishma Albal – ASU Undergraduate
  • Lauren Turner – ASU Undergraduate


  • Katherine Elder – HERA Summer Intern
  • Jean Donet – HERA Summer Intern
  • Sean Morgan – HERA Summer Intern
  • David Nelson – ASU Undergraduate,
  • Jacob Burba – currently graduate student at Brown
  • Michael Busch – currently graduate student at Johns Hopkins


Current Projects:

Sponsored Student Projects

Phoenix Cubesat

ASU Tracking Station