Here are people working directly with me in some way. We’re all members of the larger LoCo Lab team collaborating with each other on our projects.

Grad Students

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Lindsay Berkhout
Radio instrumentation, 21cm cosmology data analysis
Projects: HERA, MWA

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Mrudula Gopalkrishna
Radio instrumentation Projects: ECHO

Katherine Elder
21cm cosmology analysis, infrared instrumentation


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Raven Braithwaite – EE Undergraduate
ECHO instrument test and data analysis


Mickey Horn – Research Technician.
Systems, electrical, and mechanical engineering, drones and cubesats


  • David Lewis – Graduated, ASU SESE 2019
  • Michael Busch – currently a PhD student at John’s Hopkins
  • Jacob Burba – currently a PhD student at Brown University
  • Lily Whitler – currently a PhD student at UofA
  • Tyler Cox – currently a PhD student at UC Berkeley
  • Shane Bechtel – currently a PhD student at UC Santa Barbara
  • Ben Stinnett – Graduated ASU SESE, now at Aurobot Inc.
  • Jay Allison – Graduated, ASU SESE 2015 – Currently at Raytheon
  • Mason Denney – Graduated, ASU SESE 2016
  • Piyanat Kittiwisit – graduate, ASU SESE 2018 – Currently Postdoc at U. Kwazulu Natal
  • Lauren Turner – graduated, ASU SESE 2019
  • Kali Johnson – Junior, ASU SESE
  • David Nelson – undergraduate, SESE – 1991-2014
  • Victoria Serrano – Graduated ASU Master’s in Electrical Engineering, 2016
  • Jose Chavez – Graduated, ASU Physics, now at Intel
  • Marc Leatham – Graduated, ASU SESE