#000 26/01/2020 Template, How To Write A Good Memo, D. Jacobs
#001 29/11/2014 First Field Test, M. Denny and M. Busch
#007 12/2/2015 An Exciting Crash Report, M. Leatham
#009 6/4/2015 Another Flight Report, M. Leatham
#012 6/6/2015 Photo Mapping Test, D. Jacobs and B. Stinnett
#013 30/6/2015 Is camera position pose inference as good as GPS? Anonymous
#015 20/10/2017 ECHO Drone Design Specs, M. Horn
#016 1/5/2018 Notes On A Docker Setup for GNUradio testing M. Horn
#019 1/5/2018 A Mounting Strategy for the ObliX blimp, M. Horn
#020 1/12/2018 How to use CST to examine beam differences from Solidworks Models, M. Horn
#026 1/8/2017 Drone Trade Study, M. Horn
#027 18/8/2017 Drone Selection Study, M. Horn
#029 8/24/2019 Logged GPS Data Explanation, M. Horn
#030 18/9/2019 Mitigation of Drone RFI, M. Gopalkrishna, M. Horn, S. Davis, D. Jacobs
#031 10/9/2019 ECHO Calibration Procedure, M. Horn
#040 7/2/2018 ECHO Drone Requirements, M. Horn, D. Jacobs
#042 16/4/2020 LWA-SV Survey Marker Position, M. Gopalkrishna
#047 1/7/2020 Chiropter RC Channel configuration, M. Horn
#048 12/10/2020 Background inside large ASU anechoic chamber, M. Horn, D. Jacobs
#050 1/10/2020 Tabular summary of drone requirements and testing M. Horn, D. Jacobs
#051 19/1/2019 Chiropter (ECHO Mk 7) build log M. Horn
#052 24/03/2021 Evaluation of Drone Options D. Jacobs

1. Not all numbers in the sequence are posted here. Usually because they were used for internal purposes.
2. Memos have been added to the series as necessary from document archives; though mostly they are numbered in time order there are some notable exceptions.

Presentations etc
“External Calibration of Hydrogen Arrays” M. Gopalkrishna, URSI-NRSM
“Drone-based Beam Mapping of the LWA.”, D. Jacobs, University of New Mexico, LWA Users Meeting, July 2020 (pptx)
“The Airborne External Calibration for Precision Low Frequency Instrumentation”, D. Jacobs, Cal Tech, March 2019 (pdf)
“The External Calibrator for Hydrogen Observatories”, D. Jacobs, URSI Boulder, January, 2016 (slides lost to ravages of time etc etc)