Current Students


Former Students

Michael Busch – currently a PhD student at John’s Hopkins

Jacob Burba – currently a PhD student at Brown University

Ben Stinnett – Graduated ASU SESE, now at Aurobot Inc.

Jay Allison – Graduated, ASU SESE 2015 – Currently at Raytheon

Mason Denney – Graduated, ASU SESE 2016

Piyanat Kittiwisit – graduate, SESE

Lauren Turner – Senior, ASU SESE

Kali Johnson – Junior, ASU SESE

David Nelson – undergraduate, SESE – 1991-2014

Victoria Serrano – Graduated ASU Master’s in Electrical Engineering, 2016

Jose Chavez – Graduated, ASU Physics, now at Intel

Marc Leatham – Graduated, ASU SESE

40+ undergraduates at Montana State University, Space Science and Engineering Lab

10 students in ASU School of Computing capstone course