Methods of Radio Astronomy

ASU SES 598/498
Level: Graduate / Senior Undergraduate

Outcomes: technical proficiency in radio astronomical observations and analysis; conversant in recent and historical radio observations; complete at least one observation.

Organization: We will meet on Zoom via ASU Sync. We’ll be setting up a receiver which might require optional in-person action for a limited subset of the class. 

Professor Danny Jacobs
Office: <ASU ZOOM Office>


  • Day 1 – Class organization, projects and the Radio Window (pdf)


REQUIRED: Taylor et al 1999 –
Recommended Bookshelf: Thompson, Moran, and Swenson
Recommended Bookshelf: Krause
Recommended Bookshelf: Wilson, Rholfs, and Huttenmeister


Greg Taylor (UNM)’s class:

Jim Condon’s Essential Radio Astronomy class has lots of good notes:

Useful derivations and lectures

Source catalogs.

Data Analysis Tutorials:


Fourier Transform Tutorials

50% attendance and participation
50% final project presentation and report

Pre-requisites: Electromagnetism, Circuits, Astronomy